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Long answer for those with time to kill:

Sometimes you find yourself in an unfamiliar location in Hong Kong (hopefully not due to being kidnapped and abandoned), and have a few hours to kill, and a laptop or e-tablet in your possession that you could profitably work on, if only you could find somewhere to profitably work... Many "digital nomads" would plump for Starbucks or cafe, but these are not designed for working quietly or for meeting like-minded folks; indeed, I found most Starbucks shops in Hong Kong lack accessible electrical sockets but make up for it with terrible WiFi.

So what's to be done? It turns out there are a surprising number of so-called "hot desks" in Hong Kong that can be rented out by the day or even by the hour. These desks are found in co-working spaces or serviced offices that have some capacity to spare, so in return you can hang out in these professional spaces and get free coffee and unwired Internet access.

But where are these hot desks? And where can they be found? Behold, is yet again showing you how to use publicly available information in a way that enhances your life and everyone else's in the SAR, with our new public service, This site will show you the nearest establishment at any point in time across various categories; right now we just have hot desks, but please get in touch if you want to know about something else near to you! Coffee? Haircut? Love?

So head on over to now to find your nearest hot desk! We will enhance the site capability shortly by, for example, asking for your current location to give you a full-automated service....