David Webb is an inspiration for this website with his open data webb-site (although our punning skills don't match his, we do try to make our site look a little more modern), so it was with great happiness that we saw a Bloomberg profile of the legendary stockmarket investor and transparency advocate published today.

Bloomberg did the hard work of finding out how much Mr. Webb is worth based on his public shareholdings, but they should have just asked Data Guru, because David Webb's disclosed shareholdings are available behind this very link completely free. Indeed, using our up-to-date data shows some discrepancy with Bloomberg's article: David Webb's largest holding by value is claimed by them to be 5% of Lung Kee (Bermuda) Holdings Ltd., but in fact on 2018-12-13 Mr. Webb increased his stake above the 6% mark. (The original form, filed 5 days later on 2018-12-18, can be found here, linked from our site. Data Guru will always provide full data lineage so you can trust our figures.) If Lung Kee's market capitalisation is indeed US$283 million, that's an extra US$2.83 million to his name, which is even enough to buy a Hong Kong apartment in this famously expensive real estate market. Also, while Bloomberg only show Mr. Webb's top ten investments, we have David Webb's latest disclosures for 32 companies and indeed all 143 of his disclosures since 2003-04-01.

If you also want more up-to-date Hong Kong public data than what Bloomberg provides, at a fraction of their cost, get in touch.